'Rosa 1'
This self published book draws together several images of Amelia Pemberton's muse, the Cornish-born Rosa Lily James, created over the last seven years

Through her work, the London-based photographer Amelia Pemberton captures the spontaneous moments in life so often missed when confronted by the camera’s lens. Pemberton celebrates creative women, imbuing her portraiture with a carefree, Peter Pan-style whimsy that is playful and timeless without being saccharine. Through trust and friendship, she captures the personalities of her subjects in a colourful and honest way, using the Cornish countryside as a backdrop.

Rosa, her first book, draws together several images of her muse, the Cornish-born Rosa Lily James, created over the last seven years on her Olympus Om-1. Zooming around in a Nissan Micra – always hoping it won’t rain, and always in proximity to a quick sea swim – each outfit was styled collaboratively according to the location, with clothing being borrowed, found or made, and put together the night before each shoot.

These images are only a small example of Pemberton’s portraits of women that both embody creativity and are up for a run around a field. Her practice, she explains, is a fine excuse to make friends with the people she admires while capturing the liberated female spirit she sees in them all.

This volume is colourful, moody and playful; an amalgamation
of periods of Pemberton's and James’ lives consolidated in book form. With this collection, Pemberton hopes to inspire other young photographers to make the most of their creative friends and invite collaboration for the thrill of it.
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